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Cleaning the drains Living in a sub-tropical environment, we get a lot of rain. Without the proper maintenance that rain will get inside the Miata’s convertible top. As I recently found out during one of our latest downpours. These instructions are for a 99 JDM Miata Mx-5 NB, but should work on other models too. […]

About a week ago I received a set of new Toyota Starlet Eyelids in the mail and handed them over to my friend Masa. He had been wanting a set for quite a long time. I actually thought that the carbon fiber eyelids would look cool, but he wanted them color matched to his car […]

I originally started this website after I quit working for a JDM parts company near Tokyo. The plan was to start my own online parts company selling JDM parts. Unfortunately, rent had to be paid, and I ended up with another job. High Performance JDM never got started. Over the last year or so I […]

I have been living in Japan now for a few years. The few I lived in Tokyo, I didn’t have a car. I know, Tokyo Drift shows Tokyo as this cool, fun place to drive. Well, their portrayal of Tokyo was about as accurate as someone who has never even heard of the place. In […]

It has been a while sine I have written on High Performance JDM Engines, but that is about to end. Since I actually live here in Japan, I will be posting about various tuned cars I find. When possible, I will be interviewing the driver/tuner and giving all the details of each car. The first […]

Remember the days when the Honda civic was a small, inexpensive hatchback. I know it has been a while. Well, luckily Honda does. According to Autoblog, Honda is redesigning the civic to make it smaller, lighter, and more fuel efficient. The new civic will most likely be released to the Japanese market first. Japan, didn’t […]

Amazing Subaru WRX Video

Posted: 6th March 2009 by Nick in JDM Engines, Racing
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JDM Engine, well kind of. It is after all a Subaru and that means that it comes from Japan. Though not actually in Japan. Anyways, I thought the video was so good I just had to post it. A tear it up video of Ken Block destroying a track with a Subaru Impreza. Subaru Fun […]

Those of us who love cars have been having the feeling that the whole tuning thing my becoming to an end. With ever shrinking gas supplies and ever increasing pollution, manufactuers are looking away from cars powered by combustions and looking at alternative means. The cars that are being produced are focused more heavily on […]