I have never really been too afraid to work on cars. At least to work on the moving components of the cars that is. In fact, I really enjoy it. DIY car painting on the other hand was always something I tried to get out of. The problem is that if you don’t know the right techniques and have the right equipment, painting your own car can turn out pretty crappy. But if you know how to paint your own car, you can save a ton of money and have a great looking car.

Spray Paint Videos (purchases from this link help support this website)

A few years ago I moved to a small island and started doing more things to my car myself rather than taking it into a shop. I did this partly because there are a limited number of shops, and partly because of the costs. One other disadvantage to living on a small island is that the salt can make cars rust fast. Mine started with a small bubble under each side of the spoiler. I sanded down the small areas and applied touch up paint. As you would assume with applying paint by brush, it didn’t look great. Neither did the few spots I did on the bumper.

I decided that I need to learn more about painting. There are books on the subject, but they are limited, and you can only get so much from a book. I needed something that was very informative and started from a very basic level.

I found Spray Paint Secrets. It is a 2 hour video series that covers everything from what you need to buy, how to prep the car, and how to spray your paint. It even covers how to remove body damage. There are also videos on how to do more advanced stuff like graphics and custom paint jobs.

You can purchase the program here for $37: Spray Paint Videos (purchases from this link help support this website)