About a month ago we (my wife and I) bought a used JDM Toyota Starlet Glanza V. Since it has more room and cargo space than our roadster (JDM Miata), it became my wife’s car. Now, she has never really cared about cars. As long as they start and stop like they are supposed to she couldn’t care less about what they can do or how they look. However, she has cleaned this car several times since we got it. And today, without me saying anything, she completely washed and dried the car, and even cleaned the inside.

When we went to the store to pick up some stuff, she saw that Glaco (similar to Rainex) was on sale and insisted that we buy it. What’s going on? She also agreed to do the oil change herself, so we picked up some oil. When I asked if she wanted flushing oil, she said that we should buy it. I think she has been possessed, or maybe it has to due with the fact that we are watching reruns of “Overhauled”. Whatever it is, she is into a clean car.

Tomorrow I will be teaching her how to change the oil, oil filter, and will also be catching the whole thing on video. It doesn’t get much more JDM than that. We’ll have a Japanese girl, putting Japanese oil, into a JDM Engine, in a JDM Car, in Japan.