If you are reading this page, then you are most likely a fan of tuning your car. However, when we are adding various parts, there is usually one part of the car we leave untouched, the driver. Without a good driver, it doesn’t matter how good a car is, it’s not going to perform well.

Now if you have a chance, you should definitely do a track day and spend a day with a professional teacher. If you like to race, then spending a day of instruction will shave a lot of time off your laps.

In a meantime, I found a great set of videos. These are from a website called hooked on driving and feature everything from the driving line, to heel to driving.

The below video is on heel and toe shifting. This is a racing technique that will help you go into turns more slowly and put less wear on your engine. You can also use this in the real world. It takes a little bit of practice, but after a little bit of practice comes second nature.