Cleaning the drains

Living in a sub-tropical environment, we get a lot of rain. Without the proper maintenance that rain will get inside the Miata’s convertible top. As I recently found out during one of our latest downpours. These instructions are for a 99 JDM Miata Mx-5 NB, but should work on other models too.

There are four drains that need to be cleaned. Two are at the top of the pillers on the windshield near where the top latches. They run all the way down the pillars and come out just below where the speaker would normally sit. The other two are located just behind where the seat belts are attached. They come out underneath the car.

Top Drain

Pillar Drain

Rear Drain

Miata Rear Drain

To clean the drains you will need something to stick through. I used a piece of small cable with ducktape at the end to make sure it didn’t puncture the rubber.

Cleaning Device

Stick the cable in the top and slowly push it down. Any gunk should get pushed out the bottom. I then used a syringe/squirter to force water down the holes and make sure it was clear. Also make sure there is nothing else near the drain holes that could get washed in and cause it to clog again.

The whole process should only take about 5 minutes or so and then you are all done.

Adjusting the hot/cold temperature on a JDM Miata.

If you find that the air coming out of your vents is not as cool or hot as you would like, you can actually adjust it. Use this link However, if you own a JDM engine  (or any right hand Miata). Make sure you look on the drivers side, not on the passenger side!!