Those of us who love cars have been having the feeling that the whole tuning thing my becoming to an end. With ever shrinking gas supplies and ever increasing pollution, manufactuers are looking away from cars powered by combustions and looking at alternative means. The cars that are being produced are focused more heavily on clean emissions and good gas mileage than performance. Necessary, but by no means every tuners dream. But I think that there may actually be a benefit to this senario. It will be the clean cars on the road that allow tuners to keep driving their sports cars. Kind of simlar to the way someone drives their Honda Accord most of the time, but tke out their classic car during the weekends with good weather.

Up until now however, there hasn’t really been much promise in the way of clean car technology. Gas Hybrids, no matter how great, are still running on gas and so are only a temporary option. Not to mention there are a number of reports out saying that manufacturing a car like a Toyota Prius may actually do more damage than good. Electric cars don’t need any gas, but need large amounts of batteries, have limited range and a long charge time. Hydrogen cars seem to be a step in the direction, but are quite complex. Que, the Honda FCX Clarity.

The Honda FCX Clarity is also a hybrid, but not in the traditional sense. The Clarity uses an on-board hydrogen generator to power an electric engine. The Clarity has 136hp and 198 pounds of torque and can travel up to 280 miles before needing to be refueled. The car is already being offered to residents in Southern California.

What this means is that we may have a way to get out of the gas crunch soon while putting cleaner cars on the road. This will leave more for your JDM Engines and may even slightly reduce the restrictions (though I wouldn’t count on it). With their first model being at 136hp, they may even make good tuning cars.

You can see the the top gear video here: