We all have different purposes for tuning our cars. For those of us who tune for performance, it is very important to plan ahead the overall purpose of your tuning. For instance, if you plan to compete in drag racing, then your focus should be on generating large amounts of power and getting that power to the ground. If you plan to compete in course races or autocross, then you you need to focus on over all balance of your car and engine.Planning ahead will not only allow you to create a better car for your purpose, but also save a lot of money in the process.

If you are considering a JDM engine swap, then planning your overall purpose is especially important. Since many of the car platforms are similar, there are a number of options for engine swaps. However, swapping for just pure power alone may not be the best way to improve your car. For instance, swapping a k20 JDM engine into your Honda fit might be great for drag racing with the extra power, but the extra weight of the engine, may also throw off the balance of the car. If you are running on a track, then the extra power of the engine, may be offset by extended braking times and wider turns on the track due to the extra wight in the front.

Now I am not saying that the k20 engine would not be a good swap engine for course racing or autocross. As the Fit is under-powered, the extra HP will definitely help. But deciding the function of your car before hand will help you choose the best options.

Planning the purpose of your car will also help you in choosing whether to go all motor, turbo, etc. Therefore helping you decide what parts to purchase and save money in the long run. Seeing the big picture will help purchase the parts that you need and not just purchase the ones you can get first. If you are planning for to create an all motor car with high HP, then a JDM engine swap can save you money in the long run.

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