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New World Record Nissan GT-R

Posted: 7th December 2008 by Nick in Racing
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John Reese set a new 1/4 miles record in his GT-R of 10.85@128.8mph. He had a 1.61 60ft (launch control was used – and rev limiter hit going into 3rd!) The run was recorded in Orlando Speedworld on December 5 and was the current world record for the fast 1/4 of a GT-R G35. I […]

When working on a car there is usually a hard way and an easy way to get things done. Figuring out the right way can be even more difficult if you have a JDM engine because the layout and parts may not be exactly the same. It can also be difficult to read manuals when […]

We all have different purposes for tuning our cars. For those of us who tune for performance, it is very important to plan ahead the overall purpose of your tuning. For instance, if you plan to compete in drag racing, then your focus should be on generating large amounts of power and getting that power […]