JDM Engines

Posted: 23rd November 2008 by Nick in JDM Engines
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jdm engine from a Supra at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show

JDM Engines and JDM Accessories have become quite popular. JDM has become a buzzword for anyone trying to make their Japanese car faster or more unique. JDM is an abbreviation for Japanese Domestic Market and refers to both OEM and performance cars and parts made and sold for the Japanese market. So why are JDM cars better than the cars sold outside of Japan? Simply put, customer demand and expectations.

The Japanese market

The Japanese market is a very competitive market in a very small geographical area. The entire island of Japan is smaller than that of California. The market is more greatly focused on smaller to mid-size cars further increasing the competition. The average Japanese consumer also demands the best product and are willing to put out the money for it. This encourages the manufacture to focus on building quality cars rather than focusing just on making them the cheapest. Reputation is also very important in Japan. This means that cars must be very well built or they risk losing their reputation and therefore not being able sell their cars.

This difference can be seen even more in the tuner market. Since there is a high level of competition, higher performance cars must be consistently built for more power, better handling, and better reliability. This is the reason that many JDM engines are built stock with performance parts and outperform their American counterparts.

Less wear and Tear

Another reasons that JDM engines and parts are a good choice for someone building a performance car is that they generally have very low mileage. Due to strict regulations here in Japan, most engines are only driven to 30,000 or 40,000 miles. Since service to certify the car again is quite expensive, most opt to purchase a new car. So not only can you purchase a JDM engine that out performs the one you have, but it will also likely have far less miles.